You’re not a typical business owner. 

You’re a disruptor, an innovator, maybe even a bit of a rebel. One thing is for sure, that when you speak, people listen. When you lead, people follow. When you are present, people notice. Whatever space you are in....

You tilt a room.

You’re passionate about building products and services that change lives.  But as your business has grown, so has your stress and it’s taking a toll.

It’s common when building a thriving business to aspire to compartmentalize business and personal life. But the truth is, business bleeds into the personal and vice versa. As you become more successful, it can be easy to feel misunderstood and uncertain, as that success swallows your energy and breeds more anxiety.

But with your most precious resource - time - already scarce, what is the right way to prioritize and grow? An executive coach? A business consultant? ...or maybe a therapist? As a psychotherapist and business strategist who has helped thousands of business owners boost their business in size, scope, and revenue, while maintaining sanity and balance, here’s what I know for sure:  

Success and Psyche go hand in hand.

Your business is a direct reflection of you. When I come into any organization, whether it is with one person or 100 people, the transformation starts with the leadership. It takes internal change that results in an external revolution in your business. 

Does this describe you?

  • Six Figure & Multiple Six Figure Business Owners
  • Solopreneur to mid-size company owner
  • Prefer sneakers and jeans to suits
  • Mission driven and focused leader

Whether you’re looking to uplevel your leadership skills, create more life/work balance, increase revenue, or be challenged to think bigger, we will work together to define and execute your true sweet spot of success.