It's time to stop talking and to start taking action.

Sure you can send your staff on a training and have them read the latest book, but what will really make a difference is for you to get in there, take a long hard look in the mirror and make some decisions. As a leader and an entrepreneur, you are starting to recognize that your business and your life are really tied together. You want them to work in harmony to build upon your success on the outside and on the inside. There are several ways we can work together. Investment starts at $500.  But first, you have to apply and schedule a free 20 minute consult with me to make sure we are a good fit and have a solid plan in place for your return on investment.

Brief Analysis

If you are looking for targeted feedback and direction for a specific issues in your business, put you and your business on the couch for 90 minutes. After the analysis you will get a follow up email to check in and keep you going on implementation. 

Solution Focused

There is more going on than just a one time issue. You are looking for support with several aspects in your business and life and want the ongoing feedback during implementation. Along with a 90 minute assessment you will receive 3 biweekly 60 minute sessions and weekly email checkins. This is the most popular package for ongoing clients.

Ultimate Transformation

You are ready to really make lasting change in your business and life. This is the package that takes into consideration all aspects of your life as a leader from an in-depth perspective. Get ready to see what is truly possible. With a 90 minute initial assessment, you will have 6 additional bi-weekly sessions and weekly email check-ins.